Thursday, October 16, 2008

numero uno; scott schuman says hello.

blazer / theory
v-neck t-shirt / aa
dc pants / zara
studded boots / colin stuart

good god. i've gone and done it. after years of perusing, stalking, debating, i finally have my own "fashion blog". shudder. (for you.) ha. i had been silently lurking amongst the balmain-loving, lanphear-worshipping, dyi-crazed, jak&jil-inspired, igor&andre-longing, am apparel billboard-walking, unsurpassingly devoted street-style cyber community. but no longer. i officially have an identity. minus the discipline.

see, i met the sartorialist a couple hours ago, and it wouldn't be right if i failed to record this moment somewhere. that would understand. or care. ha. it was brief, i didn't want to take up his time, but it made my night.

it was oh-so-nice to meet the person who has so deliciously squeezed himself into your morning routine for the last few years.

here's looking at you, sart.


  1. vouh, great poses. great shoes. amazing photos!!! who is doing them?

  2. ryder - thank you so much ! i actually pose for and take all the photos myself. i'm so glad you like them. :)

  3. Oh wow I'm diying for these boots !

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