Sunday, October 19, 2008

80s music and lychee martinis.

button-less cardigan / f21
v-neck shirt / aa
jeans / f21
platform boots / kenneth cole

a few years ago, i flew to new york to attend a human rights forum at the united nations. during my brief stint there, i was advised to trek out to century 21 for a little bargain hunting. after a little digging -- and i do believe this is the only way to do it there -- i found these black leather kenneth cole boots for ridiculously cheap. i almost want to say they were less than $10.

harper bazaar uk november 2008

what attracted me then, and still does now, was the wedge heel and its slight inward curve -- and dare i say ? subtly reminiscent of stella mccartney's ankle boots (featured above). the kicker ? i can walk well over 100 blocks in these, as i did yesterday, and still end the night -- after a quick jeans-to-shiny-leggings change -- dancing to 80s music, balancing a mic in one hand, a delicious lychee martini in the other.

i really should accessorize.

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