Sunday, October 26, 2008

a night out on west 32nd.

blazer / secondhand
shirt, skirt, leggings (whoa) / am apparel
shoes / steve madden
scarf / street vendor

friends from dc came in this weekend, so we took them out to ktown and jtown, for a little karaoke, korean bbq, and shots of soju. fun times.

"unbreak my heartttttttt, say you'll loooove me againnnnnn"


  1. fantastic outfit. I love the shoes. How long ago did you get them?

  2. the stylish wanderer: thanks dear ! i bought them summer 2007 in new orleans. :)

  3. love this outfit! just found your blog via cherry blossom girl. Your description of your blog/life is perfect. (simple/quietly passionate)

  4. gorgeous photo! if that is your apartment, i'm QUITE jealous.