Tuesday, October 21, 2008

gold shoes and goofy smiles.

blazer / f21
v-neck shirt / uniqlo
drop waist pants / zara
shoes / steve madden

i quite like these shoes, as scuffed as they are (tough love). i had purchased them last summer, in a terrible hurry, to wear at a lovely gala i was of course running late to. as thoughtless as the purchase was, it was in retrospect a lovely one, as i ended up wearing them again the next day, and the day after, and the week after... and here we are, a year later, together still. they're that comfortable.

not only that, but every time i wear them out, i can always count on little remarks and inquisitive looks from passersby. it's as if no one had ever seen gold shoes before ! i find it to be very strange, albeit amusing, the vast attention they get. (or is it strange ? can i no longer tell what is strange and what is not ? nah.)

the woman at the thrift shop, the one with the frilly gloves and leather pants, teased me with feigned disbelief. i laughed at her silliness. turning the corner on my way home, a boy sitting alone by the door of a grocery store, pointed towards me as a goofy smile quickly spread across his childish face. "you have very nice shoes !" i laughed again.

yes, i do indeed. they bring a little bit of laughter to my days.