Sunday, November 9, 2008

sometimes jessica gets it right.

second hand blazer, target v neck, silence + words black pull up jeans, jessica simpson purple suede pumps

for the longest time last year, i could not get rachel bilson's purple suede pumps out of my head. they haunted me for months until one day, as i was out shopping with mom, they revealed themselves to me in a tattered box, pristine and glowing in a sea of ugliness, waiting to be claimed.

jessica simpsons' purple suede pumps. on sale.

and they were perfect: from the color, to its curves, to the toe shape; even its funky plastic heel tickled me.

sometimes, jessica gets it right.


  1. so here's the deal - i don't wear heels. like, ever.
    must be the tomboy inside me.

    shoes like this, however, make me wish i could shut him up and let the girl inside me wander freely (in heels).