Monday, November 17, 2008

keeping things cozy and warm with faux fur and ramen.

secondhand faux fur coat, jessica simpson suede pumps, ramen in east village

it's getting cold these days and all i want to do is warm up with a nice comforting bowl of ramen at the nearest noodle house (oh how i love ny for these) and prance around in heels and big coats twice my size. i had better sense than to wear this outfit outside though, my legs would have frozen off.

see, there are nights when, second to a steaming bowl of soup, i like nothing more than staying in and playing dress up.

you know you love it too. ;)


  1. Ok, ok, I admit... Sometimes, I'll rebuff a dinner invitiation to watch a DVD... in a cocktail dress and heels.
    Any reason is a reason for a dress up, right?

  2. ramen and fur!
    match made in cozy heaven

    thank you for the visits ;-)
    love your comments