Tuesday, November 11, 2008

hyoni sighting and denim a la givenchy.

on my way home from work today, i waited for the train next to "ford supermodel of the world 08" hyoni. hyoni wore a bold and beautiful b&w patterned coat, with leggings, flats, and leather gloves. very lovely.

pictures from COACD

while that was perfect fall attire for a windy day in the city, i myself took inspiration from the givenchy spring 09, and wore a denim shirt i thrifted earlier this month.

it's a darker denim than i would like (who woulda thought i'd EVER go back to faded denim), but has these killer black patches, and it's so out there for me, but the salesperson approved, and what the hell. you can take the girl outta texas, but you can't take the texan out of the girl.

or something.

dkny blazer, second hand shirt, uo black jeans, uo suede boots

i really enjoy this part of fashion -- the experimenting. it stretches you, you know ? i don't stretch myself enough these days -- in fashion, and elsewhere.

baby steps.

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